Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quit Hiding

Today is the day! Today I will QUIT HIDING (with the help of the Jesus)! You see, earlier this year God told me to start something new. Through another individual, God asked me to write. I almost laughed out loud! Honestly, writing is the last thing I ever thought I would pursue. I’ve wrestled with the idea all year long; knowing that God told me to do it and earnestly seeking the “what will I write, Lord?” This morning as I read the account of Abram being called by God to leave everything for “a land I will show you,” (Genesis 12) I was challenged to trust God with the “what” later on down the road. For now I just need to be obedient and write.  

Sometimes I wonder how the patience of the Lord can last through my indecision and my procrastination. I think He must be so frustrated. Just like I get frustrated with my daughter for behaving timid and shy. Even at 5 years old she still burrows deep into my legs when we enter a new and unfamiliar place. She loves caring for others and watching them, but she is so slow to interact with the unknown. I don’t know where she could possibly get that from! :) Thank goodness God’s mercies are new every day!